E'li's green Karakyth
Dragonsfire's 58th PC Clutch - Fort Weyr
Sire and Dam: Talimoth and Hestiath
Hatching Date: December 7, 2010
Egg theme: Space
Dragonet Theme: Astrological Signs


Whirling Wormhole Egg
Blue within blue within blue cascades in on itself in an endless fractal of color that ranges from deepest cerulean to light sapphire and pale, moonlit silver within dark chevrons of mercurial black. The luminous blue glow of frozen caverns and icebergs is repeated across the small sweep of this egg's leathery shell in an overlay of wavelets and water, making the colors beneath appear to shimmer and gleam with a cool inner fire. Hypnotic and alluring, the egg promises adventure and endless possibilities to anyone daring enough to impress its spirited occupant.


Hatch Message:

Whirling Wormhole Egg ripples, surface wavering with each passing moment until the countdown finally ends. Movement overtakes the ovoid in an explosive geyser, shell shards falling to the sands. The calm that soon follows gives the dragonet ample time to step through the portal from her gooey world into our own.

Hatchling Name: Self Rescuing Princess Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Dark hunter green clings to her graceful figure, offering peeks of vulnerability beneath forged strength. The rest of her is shielded within once copper armor that has now tarnished to a dark patina. Headknobs sweep up in dramatic arches, standing proud from the rest of her sharp cranium, those calculating eyes cast in shadow. Eyeridges of myrtle share the same color as the bold stripe that follows the top of her snout. Breastbone is marked by circular engravings, similar olive plates resting over the tops of her shoulders as well. Long, powerful limbs are gripped by opaque bracers, pale studs holding it all together. Her colossal wings hold within them a torrential storm, dusky grays illuminated by lime lightning as it strikes within her sails.

Impression Pose (What the audience sees):

Self Rescuing Princess Green Dragonet continues to snarl at the others who are constantly getting in her way. Her claws narrowly miss tearing into her own sopping wet wings with every unsteady step, fueling the green's fury. By the time she nears another blotch of white, her neck twists and she locks her crimson tainted eyes onto the poor soul. Jaws opening wide with a vile hiss, she's ready to tear into flesh and engage in combat. Only when she finally reaches him does that anger diminish, staring at the lad with realization forming within her faceted gaze. Proud neck arching, she composes herself and eases her head as close to Wehlim's as she can, staring into his eyes. Willing him to understand.

Impression Message (what you see):

The commotion around you begins to fade, wavering from the heat of the sands, the glittering gold grains clustering into stars. They flutter about your mind, blindingly bright and only offering the faintest flashes of your surroundings, what's really going on. The glow overtakes you, a sudden mental impact that almost knocks the wind from your lungs. Suddenly, she's there. Me. Trust. Human. The raw emotions are collected, gathered with a tidy *ahem* and the clink of chain mail. « Oh, E'li… What are you wearing? » Sharp little tsk tsks echo within your head. « Nevermind, nevermind. You just let Karakyth worry about that from now on! » Articulate as her thoughts may be, they're still permeated by her love and faith in you.



Let Pern have it's girly Greens and sheltered Queens. What you have on your hands, dear E'li, is a Princess. She doesn't need a metallic hide to prove that she's royalty, either! Karakyth will let her actions do the talking. She's got big plans for you and her, and Faranth help anyone who gets into this determined beauty's way. That's where you come in. Stubborn, with a high tolerance for blood and a low tolerance for idiots, Karakyth will need you by her side to make sure the world doesn't ruffle her hide too badly. After all, when she looks good, you look good.

Nina blushed, then cut the man’s head off… Or at least, mostly off. In her haste, she slopped the follow-through and failed to completely sever the neck, a lapse that did nothing to improve her mood. - Nina Kimberly the Merciless

In a world caught up in a never ending war against an ancient enemy, Karakyth is who you want on your side of the battlefield. Even when her claws are sheathed and her flame kept at bay, she is a formidable opponent. Dragons are known to be hearty creatures by nature, but she's made of even tougher stuff. With such prowess, however, comes the responsibility to look after those who are not able to do it themselves. Oh, Karakyth is no heroine and she's not looking to become one. But she does know what she considers to be fair, and even warriors have their honor. She'll never strike simply to be cruel, and should someone be the target of such malicious intent, you may find her acting as the reluctant champion for the victim. Those that she rescues won't be off the hook either- her time and efforts aren't exactly free, even if her aide isn't personally requested. Karakyth is neither selfless nor powered by greed. With brains, brawn, her own moral code, and something of a temper all wrapped up in a pretty package, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Some warriors may be all muscle, but Karakyth is also gifted with a clever mind. She sees no point in wasting time, and if particular wording can help things run a little more smoothly, then why not? That isn't to say that she'll flat out lie. Karakyth simply works with what she's given. If her reputation happens to help in these matters, then all the better. And trust us, from the moment she's hatched, she'll be working on a legacy for you both.

Like their astrological symbol - the Archer - Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring - a love partner, dream job, vacation - and making it their own. - Sagittarius, 12 Signs of the Zodiac

Once she gets an idea in her head, Karakyth is one driven individual. As she sees it, everything is free game, and nobody better get in her way. In fact, those who try often need to be rescued by you. This may come off as spoiled behavior to some, but you'll know the truth. Your dragon doesn't want things handed to her. She'd much rather push herself, all the better if it happens to be a physical challenge, and reap the rewards only after she's succeeded. This way of thinking involves you as well. Karakyth knows just how special you are, and if others can't see it, then something will just have to be done. Not that she'll ever want to change what makes you, you, but expect to be nudged into the direction of self improvement. Though you're bound to make mistakes in life, she'll never allow you to dwell on them for long. She'll do her best to stop you from sulking, and instead offer up possible solutions.

"Don't be sorry, just improve." — Xena in "The Titans"

Karakyth doesn't put up with stupidity, and that's where her silver tongue tarnishes. She'll be blunt, and when that doesn't work, she'll be rude. If the offender still doesn't get the hint, then there will be blood. Her temper will flare, and what a sight that will be! She won't hide her fury, oh no, and there are plenty of physical signs to let others know that they're toeing a dangerous line. One sure tell is her footing, as it'll widen into an appropriate battle stance. It's up to you to make sure that her attempts to maim aren't successful, especially if she's thinking about acting out against someone who outranks the both of you. Soothe your lifemate successfully, or it'll be both of your hides!

However, she's hardly a savage. Can she help it if the two of you have been assigned meaningless busywork? What about the bronze that just won't shut up about how fabulous he is? Karakyth will give ample warning, so you really can't blame her if what she perceives to be ignorance forces her into drastic measures. …Right? « Did you see the way that gold was looking down at me? Hmph. Let's see how /she/ looks after a /real/ go at Threadfall..! »

“Well?” she demanded. “Do you want me to kill you or not? It’s really no trouble. I’ve already got the sword out and everything.” - Nina Kimberly the Merciless

But all work and no play makes Karakyth a dull girl. What? Dull!? « Mm. Do you think my talons need to be sharpened? …No, I'm certain they do. » And don't you dare forget her gorgeous hide. Once again she's breaking the mold, because this warrior likes to make sure that she looks her best. She's definitely high maintenance (at certain times of the turn especially), so get used to pampering Karakyth during your off-time. At the end of a hard day, she'll want to have a nice long soak and make sure every speck of dirt is off before you go about oiling her. None of that porcine-fat, low-quality stuff either. And don't think for a moment she won't be able to tell the difference! If for some reason she's unable to complete her beauty regime before bed, prepare yourself for one rough night. « I don't see why I couldn't have a quick bath. Now my bed will get dirty. » And, an early morning the next day. « Fine. We'll just wake up before everyone else so they don't see me like this. »

Striving to maintain her image includes you, of course. What's the point of taking care of herself if you go about looking all shabby? Karakyth will want to look over your wardrobe, or she may toss everything out all together. If you're persistent, you'll be able to talk her into letting you keep a few old rags. She'll then build it back up with tunics and trousers, only the best quality for her lifemate, and fabrics that flatter your features. Karakyth is very fond of silk and the way it hangs, so get used to feeling that against your skin. And don't you DARE let anything happen to your outfit. While she's not much for scolding you, when it comes to fashion, she'll make an exception.

While Karakyth's expensive tastes seems like a quick way to lose marks, this is not the case. Your lifemate loves a challenge, and haggling happens to be something she's extremely good at. It's also one of her favorite past times, going hand and hand with shopping after all. You'll have to translate for her, of course, and by doing so there's the possibility of you picking up her cut-throat techniques. She'll never resort to stealing, though with the prices she'll offer, the trader may accuse you both of robbery.

You two may become well known in certain circles (merchants in particular may fear your lifemate), but no one will know Karakyth like you do. Hardened though she may appear to others, only you will be invited to share in her softer moments. Though she knows her duty to Pern, you are the force in which she draws strength from. She trusts you to be there when she's hurt, and to know that she will never send you into danger. Karakyth is someone you can be absolutely honest with, and while she may not agree with you at times, she will always back up your final decision. It goes both ways, and so she'll look to you in those rare moments her emotions get the best of her; be they the romantic longings of a princess, or the burden that every warrior carries on their shoulders.

"Even if I had an army around me, I'd still notice you were missing."

— Xena in "Athens City Academy Of The Performing Bards"



A combination of strength and beauty, it's a juggling act that Karakyth achieves with ease. She's no delicate flower, but there will be plenty of dragon boys who'll declare that her feminine physique is hardly lacking. She's large for a green, and willing to give the smaller blues a run for their marks.

Like any longship Karakyth is sturdy but speedy, her body made up of rounded edges and hard cut muscle. It takes a lot of power to move as quickly as she does, and because of this there is never any danger of excess fat clinging to her frame. Another characteristic that she shares with the vessels of olde is the fact that she is /long/. Sure, most of it is neck and tail, but there's noticeable length to her limbs, as well as an almost serpentine grace to her torso. It's most noticeable when she's on land, walking with a slink that brings all the bronzes to her weyr.


Karakyth's bulky for a green, but her length helps in that regard. Her torso is wide, rounded chest giving ample room for the elegant curve of her neck. You'll agree that you have one hard headed dragon, but at least it's a nicely shaped head. Her snout is blunt, though the bones of her jaw are particularly sharp and give her the illusion of high cheekbones. Her eyeridges have a downward angle to them, and despite not being thick, they cast a dramatic shadow over her eyes. Headknobs don't have much in the way of 'knobs', instead arching inwards until they almost look like bovine horns, only much stockier.

While her front is large, her waist is slim, tapered middle expanding into thick, powerful hindquarters. There's no part of her that is the focus of her mass, as Karaktyh is perfectly proportioned for her size. Her limbs may look frail compared to the rest of her, but that's only when they're not in use. Once she's in motion, you'll be able to see every coiling muscle as it works beneath her hide. Even her tail starts out thick and muscular, thinning the farther it gets from her body until it ends with an exceptionally curly tip.

Karakyth's wings are grand, gifting your draconic vessel with speed. Some may say that they are overly large, and when not in use they tend to bunch and droop at her sides. This will cause problems when she's a dragonet, as sharp claws and developing wings do not mix. In time, she'll learn to pick up her wings when she walks, like a proper lady gathering up her dress. As impressive as her wingspan is, it's when those sails are spread to fly that they truly are a sight.


While there are some greens who are neon bright, Karakyth's own color falls on the darker side of the spectrum. The majority of her hide is a deep hunter's green, broken up by markings that swirl over her form, most noticeably at her chest. Her shoulders hold the same circular pattern, olive hue creating a vivid contrast. Your lifemate was born battle-ready, as her unique coloration gives the impression of armor tailored to fit her fearsome feminine features. Her neckridges are rounded and short, starting from the middle of her forehead and sharing the same green-gold coloring of her sweeping headknobs. The color along her ribs is a pale teal that creeps up into the folds of her wings. When spread, they reveal stormy clouds of gray, dark shapes twisted through her delicate sails by an invisible wind. Her membrane is broken up by bright bolts of lightning that branch out into temperamental zigzags.

Mind Voice:

Karakyth is articulate, and along with stunning imagery, it's the blunt yet well spoken voice of royalty that dominates her tone. She often uses sensations and what she knows best to back up her words, though when her temper gets away from her, expect to be bombarded with visions. If she really gets that angry, then talking is a waste of time in her opinion.

Her voice. The one she uses to talk to you, and others- should the mood strike her. Smooth and confident, pliable like warm, worn leather. Dragonth at her most comfortable can be quiet the amiable girl, but even beneath the swirl of elegant gowns and the jingle of fine jewelry is the metallic clink of chain mail.

« No. /No/, E'li. That's completely unacceptable. Do you know what that low grade oil will do to my hide? That merchant is holding out on us. Come on, I think I can… persuade him. »

She'll greatly favor the color red. Something about the contrast to her own green hide has her mind filled with crimson and even variations of pink (though she refuses call the color by name.) It's just red with white mixed in, right? Ooh, and gold. She holds no envy for the larger females of dragonkind, but the color of their hide is rich and therefore favored by Karakyth.

When she grows aggravated, there's the tell-tale ring of a sword being drawn from it's sheath. In arguments, she'll punctuate her opinions with the clash of metal and the sounds of battle. Depending on who's winning the confrontation, the noise will alternate from swords bouncing off of shields to the sickening squelch of a blade being sunk into flesh. This is when her words will begin to fail her.

« You… You..! Say one more word and it'll be your bloody LAST. »

When she's challenged in any way, genuinely upset, or in the middle of Threadfall, it'll be impossible to get her to talk. Her mind will instead be filled with a torrential downpour of her raging emotions. Be careful not to get caught up in them, as Karakyth won't realize how influential she can be on you when this worked up. This is when you might feel yourself become less passive, and more likely to do something brash. With her fury crackling, the booming thunder that mixes with war drums echoing through stormy skies, it'll take a lot of discipline on your part to keep you both levelheaded.

Physical Voice:

Karakyth rarely uses her vocal cords. To be brash and loud like some uncouth beast is simply beneath her, and rather unladylike. She believes that there isn't anything she can't get across with simple actions. In fact, she'll believe in this so thoroughly that you or a fellow dragon will have to play interpreter. It takes a lot for her to speak to another rider directly, and the person will have to prove themselves worthy in her eyes.

She makes exceptions for the sake of tradition. When a challenge must be issued, Karakyth will break her informal vow of silence. Be it directed at chasing males or falling thread, your lifemate can bugle with the best of them. Even her klaxon carries a feminine charm, high pitched as it is with a musical quality as well.

Call to Battle!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vsyHp7ZG-M
Viking Horn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZFdAhXkpEk

Ah, music. Once again this stems from tradition. Should a Harper be nearby, they might find themselves accompanied by Karakyth's soft humming. She'll never try to steal their thunder, and oftentimes she doesn't realize that she's singing along. Duty Songs get the biggest reaction out of her, and her throaty hums will slowly transform into drawn out notes. You should encourage her to do it more often, as the Harpers won't mind and Karakyth has a beautiful voice.



Karakyth has a lot to learn and some growing up to do before she's ready to defend Pern. In the early stages of development, you may be worried by how gaunt she looks. She'll be skin and bones! When she does begin to grow, it'll seem like all she does is stretch, which will cause her to look even scrawnier. She'll be self conscious about it, poor ugly duckling.

« E'li? You don't think I look like a plucked wherry. …Do you? »

But it's not due to a lack of appetite. Karakyth will be just like any other ravenous dragonet. Her headknobs will look too large for her small head, like if she were wearing a too-large helmet.

Don't you dare forget about those wings! Not that you can, seeing as how they'll be the bane of yours and Karakyth's existence for a while. Her sails will drag and sag until you and the Weyrlingmaster can work some strength into her wing muscles. They'll need lots of extra scrubbing from dragging on the ground, as well as treated for frequent scrapes. You'll have to stop her from tripping over them with her claws while walking, or from attacking them out of frustration.

She had been about five then. He had been teaching her the sword, demanding again and again that she attack, only to parry every childish thrust easily. She had thrown down her sword in frustration. “I can’t do it!” -Excerpt from Nina Kimberly the Merciless

Oh yes. Karakyth will have little to no patience in her youth, especially for things that get in her way. She wants to learn all she can, and will approach weyrling lessons with gusto. If the lesson doesn't come easily to her, then expect much sulking. Only with your encouragement will she bother to try again, until her natural stubborn nature takes over and she sets to mastering the task. If she sees other dragonet's slacking off, Karakyth will verbally chew their heads off until she sees them shaping up. This may alienate her clutchmates at times, but she'll grow out of it. Kind of.

Is this some kind of a joke to you? Our parents' war is about to become ours! Figure out which side you're on. - Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon

From an early age Karakyth will have a burning hunger for adventure. Harper tales will inspire her to go looking for it, and she'll be talked into joining the troublemakers for a bit of fun. There'll be no apologies for any damage done, and she'll never try to place the blame on anyone else. Just because she's at fault doesn't mean she has to be sorry.


Those long limbs will come in handy when Karakyth is on the ground, sparing her the awkward gait of dragonkind. She never takes a step without having some idea as to where she's going. Without the typical dragon walk, she's light on her feet, despite her size. There's also a subtle swing to her long body, and during certain times (*AHEM*) this swivel will be exaggerated. Even when it's subtle, don't be surprised if the dragon boys stop to watch her saunter off.

Changes in the terrain don't do much to hinder her grace, except… forests. Karakyth. Hates. Forests. She's got nothing against wilderness and roughing it, but being surrounded by trees triggers her mild claustrophobia. She'd much rather be out in a field where the ground is solid and there isn't anywhere for enemies to hide.

Along with strolls through the forest, swimming isn't an activity that Karakyth will actively seek. She loves bathing, and will in fact soak for as long as you let her. But actually going into the water just to splash about? What a waste of time. She'll learn to tread water if only to ensure that she doesn't run into trouble when confronted with the big wet blue. Or the little wet blue of Fort Weyr's lake.

In the sky, her wings will no longer be a hindrance. Because of their size she'll be a strong flier, granted with more stamina than the typical green. She won't be as agile, but Karakyth isn't concerned with fancy flying tricks. She celebrates her ability to fly in her own way, choosing to avoid the cold grip of Between as often as possible. There's so much that can be seen from up high, and she'll want to share it with you. Especially when it's raining. Stormy weather may not be the safest to travel in, but you can't deny that it isn't the most exciting!

« Hear that? Come on, E'li. Let's chase the thunder! »

Uh. Good luck with that.


Karakyth likes food well enough… She'll spill plenty of blood to see the way it stains her prey's fur, but torturing the poor beast is out of the question. She kills out of necessity, and does her best to make sure the animal dies swiftly. She runs the risk of gorging and making herself sick as a dragonet because she's so desperate to put meat on her bones. Once she's an adult, she eats only when hungry and tends not to overindulge. She has to watch her figure.

She prefers to eat when there are other dragons around. They may not exchange a mental word, but the fact that another of her kind is there is a comfort. Even strangers are welcome to feast while she does, as long as they keep their teeth on their own food. Sadistic dragons may not find her good company, because Karakyth has no problem ruining all their fun by putting their prey out of it's misery.



First he would save her from its jaws by deeply wounding the creature, and then she would save him from its reprisal by dealing the deathblow. Then, each in the other’s debt, they would embrace beneath the stars. Settling down onto some conveniently soft, springy moss, they would… Well, suffice it to say, the palace library held more than just adventure stories. - Excerpt from Nina Kimberly the Merciless

This is the time that Karakyth will remind everyone that she's a lady underneath that armor. You're already privy to her thoughts, but this is when she's a little more open about what she wants in a mate. The actual flight is important, but the courtship beforehand is the part she savors. It's also when she's her most emotional. A true romantic, she isn't going to be appeased by sloppy offerings of meat and clumsy compliments.

Males she doesn't consider worthy won't be given a second glance. Should they persist, she'll deal with them as swiftly as possible with either a pride shriveling comment or outright hostility. Her eye for quality is only enhanced by her glow, since she's keeping an eye out for a special kind of mate. Not just a dragon, but THE dragon to sweep her off her feet. Not only does he have to be physically impressive but mentally as well.

Someone with chiseled features and dark eyes. Someone who could read. Someone who could teach her new sword techniques while still truly respecting her own abilities. - Excerpt from Nina Kimberly the Merciless

You'll be recruited to help maintain her stunning visage. What else is new? But if you thought she was high maintenance before, Karakyth will really put you through the wringer. Her vanity runs the risk of getting in the way of your duties, as she won't want to do anything strenuous. Who knows when Mr. Right might come flying in? You're also expected to be presentable at all times. How else will you land your own fairytale prince or princess? And should you have your eye on anyone in particular, you /will/ have to find a way to get Karakyth's blessing before pursuing the relationship. If the person is worthy, then she'll act as your Cyrano, offering sweet nothings to say and mentoring you on how to woo the object of your affection.

« Compliment on how they look… See that smile? You're doing so well, E'li… »

Almost as if she has a say in the matter, Karakyth will frequently rise during the bleakest weather. If her suitors don't like flying when it's raining or snowing, then they don't want her badly enough. There's a good chance that she'll have her mate picked out pre-flight, but she's a good sport and will give the other males a chance to impress her. Karakyth prefers to let herself be caught by her choice rather than tire herself out, as she'll want plenty of energy for the aftermath.

The first few flights are going to be rough, especially if Mr. Right turns out not to be what she expects. She'll sulk on her couch and refuse to come out until she feels like she can get over… /him/. Dragon memory is a blessing in this case, as by her next cycle she's likely to forget all about the heartbreak and be ready to fall in love all over again. Who knows? She may even find a dragon worthy enough to catch multiple times, as Karakyth has no qualms with playing favorites.


"AYIYIYIYIYIYI HI-YAH!!" -Xena Warrior Princess


This is where the seemingly endless drills come in. Through discipline and training, your Karakyth will rise to meet Thread where it falls and defend her home. She's not only able to channel her hatred for the silvery menace, but she respects the damage it is capable of. One wrong move can end it all, and she has accepted this grim truth. Quite the tactician, Karakyth is able to think on the wind and come up with the perfect maneuver to make sure that no tangle survives. She will /not/ tolerate recklessness and is quick to crack down on anyone acting irresponsibly. Most of the time, she does so before the Wingleader is even aware of the act.

« If I see you risk your rider again I'll score you MYSELF. »

Injuries are bound to happen. When Karakyth is struck down she won't cry about it. Instead she'll replay the moment over and over in her head, as well as yours, pointing out what she mistakes she made. Rather than worry about her pristine hide, Karakyth will wear her scars proudly. They were earned defending her land and those she cares about. Each threadscore will have a memory attached to it, as well as a story.

« E'li. Show them the scar on your shoulder. See that one? That was when the Thread was falling all wrong, and it was almost impossible to predict. I remember that the wind was especially strong that day… »

Don't be surprised if you find yourself climbing up the ranks of your wing. While Karakyth prefers to look after you and her exclusively, she'll be drawn towards leadership positions. She may not be too keen on the idea at first, but if it truly aids in Pern's defenses then she will begrudgingly take on the responsibility.

Weyr Relationships:

Karakyth isn't against making friends, but it takes a long time to gain her trust. She's not one to care about what others are up to, as long as it doesn't effect her negatively. So she'll enjoy watching Ninnoth get on Murdaigeanth's nerves, but if Kiyprioth or Arzykath get it in their heads to mess with your lifemate, tension will be exceedingly high. She won't tolerate anyone trying to make her look like a fool.

Esaoceth is a puzzle that she doesn't know if she wants to figure out. He's so… wimpy. That's her opinion at least, but Karakyth will be grateful when the blue lends a sympathetic ear. With Xienth, she won't take kindly to being ordered around. When they aren't bickering over who's boss, they'll enjoy sharing their opinions on what's tasteful. This also includes outfits that you and K'ian could- no, SHOULD be wearing!


Egg Inspiration:

Stargate's Wormhole blue, any season really from Stargate SG1 to Atlantis and Stargate Universe, depending on the dragonet. The image is all waves and liquid mercury.

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Merci supplied the barbaric, while Imogen added her feminine touch to give you Karakyth's dynamic moniker!

The etymology of the name Kára either means "the wild, stormy one" (based on Old Norse afkárr, meaning "wild") or "curl" or "the curly one" (from Old Norse kárr). Otto Höfler theorizes a connection between the "curl" etymology and the Odinic cult name Odinkar that appears in runic inscriptions, which means "the one with the (long?) Odin's curls.”

In Norse mythology, Kára is a valkyrie. Kára is attested in the prose epilogue of the Poetic Edda poem Helgakviða Hundingsbana II. The epilogue details that "there was a belief in the pagan religion, which we now reckon an old wives' tale, that people could be reincarnated," and that the deceased valkyrie Sigrún and her dead love Helgi Hundingsbane were considered to have been reborn as another Helgi and valkyrie couple; Helgi as Helgi Haddingjaskati and Sigrún as the daughter of Halfdan—the valkyrie Kára.

Dragon Inspiration:

You knew what you wanted from the start, and it was up to SearchCo to deliver! I've never had research be so entertaining before. Nina Kimberly the Merciless is an entertaining novel, and I wanted to incorporate as much of it into your lifemate as possible. There's a little Xena thrown in, but most importantly Karakyth is whatever /you/ want her to be! So go out and be the toughest princesses you can be! /Both/ of you. >:3

Egg: Nomi
Inspiration: Merci the Merciless

C'abe and brown Arzykath
Ilyzi and blue Kiyprioth
I'zi and green Ninnoth
K'ian and brown Xienth
Q'ziel and bronze Murdaigeanth
Trill and blue Esoaceth

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